Information About Apple’s Social Networking Technology

Who doesn’t know Apple? A lot of people know about their products and their company. But not everyone knows about their social networking strategy. This article will give you plenty of information about apple’s social networking technology.

Information About Apple's Social Networking Technology

All major brands use social media ingeniously to achieve their business and marketing goals. A social media account has become a versatile solution to meet the needs of many brands and marketing. Businesses are using their social media accounts to connect with customers, launch campaigns, and discuss.

Apple is one of the largest technology companies in the world. This company is the first stock with a market value of more than one trillion dollars. The competition in the technology industry is fierce. Some things have become crucial for creating a competitive advantage in the market. One of them is brand recognition, which can be achieved through successful marketing.

Major Social Media and Apple’s Networking

Social Media

Due to the coverage and efficiency of social media platforms, they have become an excellent marketing solution. In addition to accessing a large number of global audiences, networks such as Facebook also provide some vast advantages. These features can be used to establish good relationships and excellent and lasting connections. Apple also used social media to deepen its influence among customers. On each platform, its number of followers underscores its global popularity.


facebook social networking technology

Facebook is the leading social network used by marketers to achieve their marketing goals. Its popularity is the highest of all social media platforms and has the most massive audience. Besides, it also provides excellent social media experiences that brands can use to engage customers better.

You can use it for promotional activities, and even have discussions and conversations with fans and followers. Some large brands have active social media teams that can continuously interact with fans on Facebook. Apple has multiple accounts on each platform. Its main account has 11 million followers, and there are fewer support pages.

An unofficial page called Apple also has about 11 million followers. However, Apple did not use Facebook for active promotions like most brands. Its Facebook account is just a primary. This is a surprising fact because Facebook has become the main marketing tool for several companies.

There may be several reasons behind it. When all the birds gathered in the same field, it became a little crowded. Compared with these social media channels, Apple uses its websites and blogs more. It cares more than others.

Facebook exposes your business to a large number of followers. However, if you are not a savvy marketer, you may experience some trouble. Apple is either smart or lazy.


twitter social networking technology

Apple also has multiple accounts on Twitter. Everyone is committed to different things, such as one for iTunes, one for Apple Music, and one for support. Apple ’s official homepage has n’t posted any tweets yet, but it already has 2 million followers.

On the other hand, the support page sends tweets to followers on critical technical issues. This strategy is to educate and raise awareness. Apple likes to let users know the latest technical functions of Apple products and their use and maintenance. This is a wise use of social media tools for customer service and participation.

Apple Music has the largest number of followers, at 9.33 million. On the other hand, the “iTunes” page has about 1.3 million followers. The Apple Music account on Twitter is very popular, which is evident from the many followers, likes, and retweets.

Apple has higher social media activity on Twitter than Facebook. The reason is real-time participation. In terms of video marketing, Twitter and YouTube are more attractive than Facebook.

Apple mainly uses social media to establish contact with customers. Do not overuse; there is no waste. Except for a few pictures, you will not see detailed promotional information on its Facebook page.


instagram social networking technology

Apple ’s Instagram page shows a high level of engagement. Instagram is an attractive social media network that attracts users. Many of its functions are suitable for promotion and participation.

In addition to the album-like look and feel that makes it suitable for promotion, its comment and dialogue features also make it an excellent tool for communication.

Apple is already a trendy brand. Thousands of likes for each post on Insta. The number of responses is also high. This is an excellent engagement, indicating that Apple is good at inspiring excitement.

The brand’s main Instagram account has about 7.5 million followers, while Apple Music has more than 3 million followers. The brand has a little talk on these pages, but the engagement is still high.

People use Instagram mainly for sharing multimedia content. In recent years, Apple has increased the use of such material in marketing activities.


youtube social networking technology

The brand also uses multiple accounts on YouTube to attract customers. However, the good news is that few brands have a large follower group like Apple.

Apple ’s main account has 11.4 million followers, while Apple ’s support account has about 93,000 followers. You can find Apple’s main account here.

Today is the era of video marketing; Apple actively uses video for promotion. That’s why YouTube is an essential platform for Apple to attract its followers.

YouTube is also an excellent platform for running social media campaigns. Several of Apple’s 245 videos attracted a lot of visits. Its iPhone X release video received more than 8 million visits in just one month.

Why Doesn’t Apple Build Its Own Social Media Company?

apple social media company

The company has all the elements: a platform, loyal customers, and more and more media services that will benefit from the dominant power provided by social media.

Apple News +, Apple TV +, Apple Music (Will Apple Music + become a long-term high-definition music service?) Or even Apple Arcade.

Apple’s servers also collect a large number of pictures and videos captured by iPhone users around the world.

All of this shared content is firmly fixed in the company ’s walled garden, where everything you do is kept as confidential as possible. (It depends on the privacy practices of your network, government and application developers.)

The problem is that these things are currently difficult to share, like the freedom gained when using Twitter or Facebook. Why didn’t Apple create its social network to provide a safe space for sharing content?

Apple CEO Tim Cook said at a 2018 European Privacy Commission meeting: “Platforms and algorithms that promise to improve our lives can amplify our worst human tendency.”

“Rogue actors and even governments have used user trust to deepen differences, incite violence, and even undermine our common understanding of true and false. This crisis is real. This crisis is unimaginable, exaggerated, or crazy.”

To be honest, the company’s actions prove that it is solving online privacy, surveillance technology in advertising, and agents. Just last month, it worked with independent media literacy programs in Europe and the United States.

Cook has been actively promoting the digital rights bill movement, and the discussion around online privacy is undoubtedly entering the central public discussion field.

People are increasingly aware of the importance of privacy and the necessity of online responsibility. In this context, Apple has a chance.

Social Media Privacy and Copyright Violences

privacy and copyright

What did you share on social media? Most people share videos, images, music, articles, news reports, and personal messages in their circle of friends.

Advertising-driven social networks collect and analyze this data to build dystopian and unregulated user demand insights, which are then sold to advertisers in the form of targeted marketing leads.

The problem is that there are social networks that are not driven by advertising revenue, such as MeWe. What if Apple wants to create its social network?

Think about how this might work:

  • Anyone can join using Apple ID for free.
  • Apple can provide users with clear and comprehensive privacy tools to implement features such as limited-time publishing and restricted distribution within a subset of existing groups.
  • Apple can also provide useful features, such as the way to distinguish between work and personal contacts.
  • Apple can set up services as quickly as it does on iOS.

When entering the network, they will be able to access Apple ’s services (for a fee) and may share copyrighted materials with others, but at a small price.

Maybe we can share our favorite movies in the best quality from social pages, post-action fragments of Apple Arcade games, watch TV shows online with others, etc.

All of these are ad-free, without intrusive cookies or data collection, and without the need for suspicious and unregulated data brokers to create photos for you, and they cannot control the data you secretly collect and trade.

The service will be partially funded by revenue from existing iCloud services and will help increase subscriptions to Apple services. This will also help maintain product sales. I think this is the harmless equivalent of the Google model, but in this case, you are not a product.

Considering that most of Apple ’s existing billions of customers use social networks, I think this service may be top-rated. Missing link? People must be able to post their original content. This concept is the core of social media and the reason why Ping fails.

Conclusion of Information About Apple’s Social Networking Technology

Conclusion of Information About Apple's Social Networking Technology

Have you learned from this article? To make your life easier, here are several conclusion of information about Apple’s social networking technology:

  1. Apple has a unique strategy about how they use social media for the company. They use major social media for their promotion, information, and engagement with their customers. But a little different from the other companies.
  2. Apple doesn’t use Facebook for their primary social media promotion. They don’t even have Facebook Official Page.
  3. On Twitter, Apple has several accounts for different purposes. They have Twitter accounts for iTunes, Apple’s Music, and support. Meanwhile, their main account a little bit inactive.
  4. Apple has a really high engagement on Instagram. They have a brand official account and Apple’s Music account with millions of followers.
  5. Only on YouTube does Apple actively promote their products and brand. They have hundreds of videos and have about 11.4 million followers now.
  6. Apple has all the elements to build their own social media company. But they have two considerations that they can’t control: privacy and copyright.
  7. That’s all we can conclude of information about Apple’s social networking technology. If you have any questions or opinions, feel free to write it here. We are open to discussion.
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