Technology in The Future That Will Amaze You

This article will cover 12 technology in the future that will amaze you. We divide these technologies into four categories: transportation, biology, war, and IT. Shall we start?

technology in the future

You must often feel amazed watching the future of technology that appears in many science fiction films. Many science fiction films show a variety of sophisticated future technologies, where many human activities are made easy.

On this basis, many of us are amazed and hope to be able to experience these advanced technologies. Before going any further, for you who still confuse about what is technology, please read our previous article about technology definition.

Maybe you are wondering when the technology will come and what it would have been like if the technology existed. Several innovation have been developed at this time and will be highly developed in the future.

Sooner or later, the technology of the future will surely emerge. Even without realizing it, there are several technologies already running at the moment.

Transportation Technology in The Future

Since the invention of the wheel, there are lots of innovation in the history of humankind. The steam engine, airplane, bullet train, and several other technologies that we take for granted. 

In this article, we will cover several transportation technologies of the future. What are those? Let’s ride in.

1. Hoverboard

hoverboard technology in the future

Hoverboard or Self Balancing Scooter has been sold in the market and soon will be the current vehicle trend.

The way Hoverboard works is to balance body and navigation conditions automatically.

The actual expected Hoverboard technology is one that resembles a skateboard where its use without wheels can even fly.

There are now some companies developing technology and maybe you will see it shortly.

2. Hyperloop Train

hyperloop train technology in the future

Elon Musk, the founder of The Boring Company, who is also the CEO of Tesla and Space X introduced Hyperloop. Elon has the ambition to encourage big cities to have a mode of transportation that is fast, safe, and capable of carrying many passengers. With Hyperloop, we can carry 20-40 passengers at a speed of 1,700 km/hour.

3. Smart Car

smart car technology in the future

Of course it would be comfortable traveling by car without having to drive. You just sit quietly and arrive at your destination.

Some companies are known to have produced cars like this with the name of an autonomous vehicle. These smart cars have behavioral sensors.

When the system detects an unstable speed or vehicles often deviate from the track, a warning will appear to pull over.

The map on the dashboard will also immediately show recommendations for the nearest rest area.

Interestingly, these autonomous cars have pilot parking technology where the car can walk on its own to find a suitable parking location.

So you don’t need to hold the steering wheel even step on the gas & brakes.

Two companies known to have produced autonomous cars are Mercedes which introduces the Smart Vision EQ ForTwo and Audi which introduces Aicon.

But the problem is the supporting infrastructure, is it ready?

It’s useless for a car to have a sign sensor system if the signs are difficult to detect because of advertising posters or vandalism scribbles.

4. Space Tourism

space tourism technology in the future

The development of technology in the world of space is very fast. Soon, you can experience space travel by looking at the earth and the moon from a vacuum.

Even since 2001, Russia has flown 7 tourists into space and this number will continue to grow.

Some time ago, the Russian Space Agency named Roscosmos signed a contract with Space Adventures to send 2 tourists to the International Space Station in late 2021.

Besides Russia, Jeff Bezos as the owner of also offers space tourism at a rate of around Rp 3 billion – Rp 4 billion per person.

The tourists will explore outer space with a Blue Origin vehicle called New Shepard, a capsule with a capacity of 6 people.

From inside the capsule, tourists can watch the view of outer space through the 6 windows provided.

After finishing the tourists will return to earth with a capsule that uses a parachute.

5. Flying Car

flying car technology in the future

In the future, flying cars are expected to become the latest technology.

Some European and American companies continue to develop until the flying car is proper to use. Some of them will marketing this flying car in the near future.

Call it the Pal-V Liberty, AeroMobil, NeoXCraft, SkyRunner, Pop Up, and Terrafugia. The company has produced prototypes to perfect the wing and propeller technology.

Later to drive this car, motorists must have a special license.

6. Teleportation

teleportation technology in the future

You have only been able to find teleportation on paper and scientific research journals in the form of mathematical equations. However, if there is a mathematical concept, teleportation could be a technological development of the future. 

Teleportation is presumed by the concept of a wormhole. It was discovered due to Einstein’s theory of relativity and gravity as a concept of space and time. 

Check out the video belom for an easy and exciting explanation of the concept of wormhole teleportation.

Interestingly, Russian scientists working for Vladimir Putin claim to be developing this teleportation technology and will bring it to the real world. Teleportation like in the Star Trek movie is said to be completed in the next 2035.

Biological Technology in The Future

In the biology science, we also make huge progress. Begin with the invention of penicillin, several vaccines that save humanity, and our life span expectancy that increase. 

But there is one innovation that will amaze you. Let’s take a look.

7. Genetic Engineering Babies

genetic engineering babies technology in the future

If you can choose, of course, you will choose to have children who are healthy, handsome or beautiful and smart.

Currently in China genetic engineering experiments are being carried out to design babies according to their desired characteristics.

Of course, this is a very sophisticated future technology but also fearful. The technology that plays a role in genetic engineering is CRISPR CAS9.

Information & Technology in The Future

In the field of IT, there are so many inventions. Since the invention of the personal computer, we develop lots of gadgets that make our life easier. So what’s new? 

8. 5G technology

5G technology in the future

After enjoying a series of 2G, 3G and 4G technologies, soon, you will enjoy 5G technology.

This technology that will be released in 2019. It is being worked on by several well-known manufacturers including Samsung.

With 5G, data transmission can run at speeds of up to 20 Gbps.

This technology also provides more bandwidth so that it will allow you to send large amounts of data.

Some cellphones that have embedded 5G Technology include Samsung Galaxy Fold, Huawei Mate X, Mi Mix 3, LG V50 ThinQ, and ZTE Axon 10 Pro 5G.

The 5G technology is not only implanted in cellphones, but also electric cars.

Call it Seat, a Spanish car manufacturer who launched a 2-seat electric car with 5G technology.

For more information about 5G technology, you can read it here.

9. Virtual Reality

virtual reality technology in the future

Many science fiction films suggest the future of technology where one can enter virtual life.

One of them is the Ready Player One movie with the theme Virtual Reality (VR). Here the main character named Wade uses Virtual Reality which resembles ski goggles.

At first glance this device looks lightweight and works without external hardware. VR is what then brought the film characters into the virtual world of oasis in 2045.

One of the Virtual Reality that has been sold in the market is Samsung Gear VR.

10. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence technology in the future

Artificial intelligence is a study that aims to make computers think and behave like humans.

The existence of Artificial Intelligence will help solve repetitive problems.

Some AI technologies that are expected to become a trend in the future include Natural Language Generation, Speech Recognition such as Google Now, Machine Learning Platforms, Virtual Agents, and Biometrics.

Besides being developed, consciously or not artificial intelligence has also been introduced including through the box office film. In the movie Iron Man, the main character Tony Stark has a virtual assistant with artificial intelligence technology named J.A.R.V.I.S.

Future War Technology

Since the innovation of gunpowder, we develop lots of killing machines. Tank, fighter plane, and the atomic bomb. Even so, we did not stop to make this war machines. We develop brand new ones. What are those?

11. Laser weapons

laser weapon technology in the future

Future technological developments in the military sector believe laser weapons will become the next generation of weapons. The prototype laser weapons that have been tested are capable of destroying small ships, shooting down missiles and unmanned aircraft.

However, this weapon has not been able to change the face of war in the world because it has not been produced in large numbers. A laser is a beam of light that can travel at speeds of light reaching 300,000,000 meters per second!

12. Robot Army

robot army technology in the future

Army robots are also predicted to be the object of the most advanced technological developments in the military world. The accuracy and calculation of computers and the reduction in human lives are strong reasons for countries such as China and the United States to develop this technology.


That’s the 12 most developed technology in the future. These technologies prove that technological innovation is endless.

All of these technologies are designed to make it easier for humans to carry out their activities.

Indeed, some still have to be developed further so that its functions run according to its main purpose.

Hopefully with this future technology, your activities will be facilitated and run smoothly.

Do you have any comments? Feel free to write it down.

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